Galvashield® Jacket Systems

Galvashield® Jacket Systems

Galvanic Anodes
A range of galvanic jackets for tidal, splash, underwater and atmospheric zone protection of marine piles.

Galvashield® Jacket Systems

Galvashield® Jacket Systems provide long-term, low-maintenance, global cathodic protection to prestressed or conventionally reinforced concrete and steel piles that are exposed to extremely corrosive marine environments.  

Galvashield® Jacket Systems offer an all-inclusive repair and corrosion solution for marine pile consisting of custom fiberglass or modular PVC jacket with galvanic anode system tailored to the project requirements.  The custom jacket and anode system are placed around the pile to create a protective galvanic encasement, also known as an integral pile jacket. Unlike traditional concrete jackets, epoxy grouted jackets, petrolatum and wax tapes, and fiberglass wraps, Galvashield® Jackets provide a protective on-going galvanic current to mitigate active corrosion.

Galvashield® Jacket Systems are available in a range of models and options to suit most any application and can provide an estimated 20 to 50+ year service life. Galvashield® Jacket Systems are custom-designed and manufactured to fit each project. For help selecting the right jacket system for your project, contact us.

Silver Bullet® Al Anode

The Silver Bullet Bulk Al Anode is a cost-effective solution when protection is required for submerged pile sections and has been specifically designed for use with Vector’s Galvashield® Jacket Systems. The 25 lb. (11.3 kg) mil-spec aluminum alloy will provide over 20 years of protection to most concrete and steel piles without contributing to marine life zinc toxicity.

Galvashield® Jacket System Options

Jacket Model

Activation Method

Form Options

Anode Description

Galvashield® Tidal Jacket



Zinc mesh anode

Galvashield® Tidal Plus Jacket



Modular PVC

Zinc anode strips inside wicking fabric

Galvashield® DAS Jacket

Alkali [pH>14]


Modular PVC

Removable Forms

Zinc anode strips inside self-activating mortar

Galvashield® Jacket Optimal Environments

Exposure Condition

Tidal Jacket

Tidal Plus Jacket

DAS Jackets

Saltwater (Tidal)




Saltwater (Transitional)




Saltwater (Atmospheric)



Brackish Water






Dry Land



Galvashield® DAS Jackets

Utilizes an alkali-activated distributed anode system (DAS) to protect all adjacent steel from the water line to the atmospheric zone and everywhere inbetween.  Alkali-activated anode systems can protect steel in all exposure conditions including seawater, brackish water, freshwater and dry land (non-marine). Uses FRP, Modular PVC stay-in-place forms or removable formwork.

Galvashield® Tidal Plus Jackets

Harnesses high purity bare zinc anodes placed inside a wicking fabric to boost zinc activation and extend the level of protection above the tidal zone into the splash and atmospheric zone. Can be used with FRP or Modular PVC stay-in-place formwork on any shape pile.

Galvashield® Tidal Jackets

Leverages high purity bare zinc mesh anodes to evenly distribute corrosion protection to the underlying structure, appropriate for tidal zone protection in seawater.

Silver Bullet® Al Anode

The modular design allows for additional Silver Bullet anodes to be added to extend the service life of the pile system. 

The Silver Bullet Al anode is most effective in seawater and brackish waters with salinity greater than 4 PSU.
Typical applications include galvanic jacket systems for:

  • reinforced concrete piles
  • prestressed concrete piles
  • jacketed steel pipe and H-piles

Alternative design services are available for steel piling and freshwater systems.


  • Bridge and marine structures
  • Bridge widening
  • Concrete jacketing/section enlargement
  • Galvanic jackets for columns and piles
  • Galvanic deck overlays
  • Service life extension in severe service conditions
  • Conventionally reinforced and prestressed/post-tensioned concrete
  • Galvanic encasements

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