Historic buildings can define a skyline and put a city on the map. But over time, carbon dioxide in the environment can penetrate concrete and drive corrosion cells that cause concrete deterioration. Exposed concrete balconies within close proximity to the ocean can also be exposed to atmospheric chlorides from the marine environment. 

Even without the presence of contaminants, water infiltration into unbonded post-tensioned anchorages can cause corrosion to initiate and post-tensioned strands to break and rupture from the concrete. We know that building preservation through corrosion mitigation requires targeted solutions with proven results and there are many options to choose from.  Let us help you find the right one for your situation.

Project Examples

See how our products have solved corrosion issues in your market sector. 

1 Project

Products and Technologies

These innovative products and technologies are made to preserve concrete structures in your market. 

1 Technology
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