Galvashield® Embedding Mortar

Galvashield® Embedding Mortar

Galvashield Embedding Mortar
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Controlled resistivity mortar for use with Galvashield corrosion protection systems

Galvashield® Embedding Mortar

Galvashield® Embedding Mortar is a controlled resistivity mortar calibrated for use with Galvashield® corrosion protection systems. The mortar is designed to provide a low-resistance environment around the anode to improve performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use. Just add water
  • Controlled resistivity mortar
  • Portland cement based
  • High pH mortar with a reservoir of alkali to resist acid generation at the anode
  • High bulk density
  • Free of carbonaceous or other oxidizable materials

Packaging Details

Available in 5kg and 20kg bags

Galvashield Embedding Mortar Applied to a Surface Mounted Anode


  • Used in conjunction with Galvashield® galvanic corrosion protection anodes to protect steel elements in a structure from corrosion.
  • The mortar is used to grout anodes in vertical or horizontal situations.
  • Used to fill grooves that house the anode lead wires.
  • Provides an electrolytic bridge between the anode and the original concrete substrate.

Example illustration of use with Galvashield CC anodes

Embedding Mortar Illustrated Use with Galvashield CC Anodes

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