Norcure® Chloride Extraction

Norcure® Chloride Extraction

Electrochemical Treatments
Electrochemical treatment to extend the service life of chloride-contaminated structures.

Norcure® Chloride Extraction

Norcure® Chloride Extraction is a treatment that extracts chloride ions from contaminated concrete and reinstates the passivity of steel reinforcement. Chloride extraction is carried out by temporarily applying an electric field between the reinforcement in the concrete and an externally mounted anode mesh.

During this process, chloride ions are transported out of the concrete and the application of electrical current at the reinforcement surface produces a high pH environment returning the steel reinforcement to a passive, non-corroding condition.

Features and Benefits

  • Service Life Reset: The underlying cause of corrosion is addressed and the corrosive environment eliminated.
  • Measurable Performance: The success of the treatment is verified and documented on-site.
  • Global Protection: The reinforcing steel is passivated throughout the treated area; not just in isolated areas.
  • Non-destructive Solution: Vastly reduces the need for concrete removal resulting in significant time savings, less dust and environmental impact.
  • Noise-Free: Once installed the process is noiseless
  • Maintenance Free: The need for permanent electronic monitoring is eliminated.
  • Historical Preservation: Historical, architectural and exposed aggregate finishes can be maintained.


  • Matching the service life of concete bridge piers, pier caps, abutments and arches to a new superstructure
  • Preserving the aesthetic of historical bridges suffering from chloride-induced corrosion

Technical Documents

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