Sewer and Water

It's often forgotten that our modern civilization depends on the safe and efficient flow of water and much of this critical infrastructure is invisible to us, buried right beneath our feet.  From culverts that allow creeks to cross under our roadways to sewer lines, lift stations and water treatment facilities that take away and purify our waste water, these assets are costly to replace and must be preserved. 

Between road salt run off in culverts and the chlorine used in water treatment facilities not to mention the devestating effects of hydrogen sulfide gas or H2S in sewer lines and lift stations, these assets are continually exposed to corrosive environments. Thankfully there are many technologies that can mitigate corrosion in these environments and extend the service life of these critical concrete assets.  Contact us to learn more.


Project Examples

See how our products have solved corrosion issues in your market sector. 

1 Project

Products and Technologies

These innovative products and technologies are made to preserve concrete structures in your market. 

1 Technology
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