20 Years of Galvashield® DAS + Performance Based Specifications

20 Years of Galvashield® DAS + Performance Based Specifications

April 04, 2023

20 Years of Data and Research

Our first active installation of the Galvashield® DAS product line in a deck overlay was in 2003 on the North Otter Creek Bridge for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Since then, we have monitored its performance and aggregated that data into our models and designs. This project was also the first of any galvanic system embedded in concrete to meet the criteria of the NACE Cathodic Protection Standard.

Non-destructive testing of bridge deck
Non-destructive testing of bridge deck
Galvashield DAS installed on deck
Galvashield DAS installed on deck

The Enhanced Galvashield® DAS Line

Utilizing our 20 years of experience with the Galvashield® DAS product line, we have calibrated and optimized this system for a 20-year service life to ensure performance and efficiency while maintaining its tried and true dependability.

Gavlashield DAS-X
Galvashield DAS Cutaway

Protection in Extreme Environments with DAS-X

The introduction of the Galvashield® DAS-X to our X-Series of products ensures you can get the high performance and long-term protection you need in any environment. Cathodic protection system designers should utilize DAS-X if your structure sees average annual temperatures above 15°C or 60°F or is exposed to high levels of chlorides. To learn more about the X-Factor, read our blog post here.

Updated Performance-Based Specification Guides

The new core design has also been calibrated with end-of-life performance criteria in mind to ensure you get the protection you need for as long as you need it.

When you develop your next cathodic protection system, we recommend utilizing our new Performance-Based Sample Specification to ensure that the products used on your structure are proven to provide the level of protection you prescribe.

Visit the Galvashield DAS product page for updated datasheets, drawings and guide specifications or contact your Vector Technical Representative.

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