Reviewing 25 Years of Monitoring Results at AMPP EXPO ITALY

Reviewing 25 Years of Monitoring Results at AMPP EXPO ITALY

May 27, 2024

Long-Term Performance Of Galvanic Anodes For Steel Reinforced Concrete

George Sergi, Peter McCloskey, Dave Simpson
Vector Corrosion Technologies

Galvanic Anodes’ Longevity in Concrete:

The paper discusses a 20-year monitoring of galvanic anodes used for corrosion control in steel reinforced concrete. It highlights the anodes’ performance and introduces an ‘aging-constant’ for predicting their lifespan.

Anode Performance Insights:

The study reveals that the anodes, designed for a 10-year life, showed signs of deterioration after 15 years but continued to function effectively. An exponential decrease in current output was consistent with a half-life principle.

Innovative Aging Model:

An ‘aging-factor’ was calculated, allowing for the prediction of when the current output would halve, enhancing the predictability of anode performance.

Practical Applications:

The findings are being applied to improve the design of galvanic corrosion control systems, ensuring more reliable and long-lasting protection for reinforced concrete structures.

The whitepaper provides valuable information for engineers and professionals involved in infrastructure maintenance and repair, offering a method to extend the service life of galvanic anodes and improve the durability of concrete structures.

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