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Vector Corrosion Services

Vector Corrosion Technologies - Award Winning Projects

Vector Corrosion Technologies is proud to have contributed to numerous award winning projects recognized by the International Concrete Repair Institute. 

  • Historic Malpaso Creek Bridge
    2016 Award of Merit
  • Caesar's Bay Plaza
    2016 Award of Merit
  • Entrance Bridge Rehabilitation
    2016 Winner Award
    Australasian Concrete Repair Assoc.
  • Watkins Bridge Rehabilitation
    2016 Merit Award
    Australasian Concrete Repair Assoc.
  • Strengthening of Grinding Building Slab at Batu Hijau
    2015 Award of Excellence
  • Structural Repair & Protection of Post-tensioned Parking Garage, University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics
    2015 Award of Merit
  • Disraeli Bridges Corrosion Mitigation
    2014 Award of Excellence 
  • Commonwealth Stadium Structural Repairs
    2012 Award of Sustainability
  • Point Arena Lighthouse Restoration
    2012 Award of Merit
  • Lester River Bridge Concrete Repairs and Corrosion Mitigation
    2011 Award of Merit
  • Royal University Parkades
    2011 Award of Merit
  • Bellaire Tower Restoration and Protection
    2011 Award of Excellence
  • Port of Portland Terminal 5 Rehabilitation and Corrosion Protection
    2010 Award of Merit
  • Lake Merritt Boathouse Restoration
    2009 Award of Merit
  • Arkwright House
    2008 Project of the Year
  • Realkalization of Historic Terminal A Washington Reagan Aiport
    2008 Award of Excellence
  • M4 Elevated Freeway Repair
    2008 Award of Merit - Transportation
  • Le Chateau
    2008 Award of Merit - Hi-Rise
  • Electrochemical Chloride Extraction of Historic Rainbow Bridge
    2007 Project of the Year
  • Port of Canaveral North Cargo Piers Concrete Repair and Cathodic Protection
    2007 Award of Excellence
  • Cathodic Protection of Historic Bok Tower
    2007 Award of Excellence
  • Cathodic Protection of Garden City Skyway
    2007 Award of Merit
  • US Air Force Harman Hall Repairs
    2007 Award of Merit
  • Electrochemical Chloride Extraction of I-480 Viaduct
    2003 Honorable Mention