Galvashield Through The Years | Innovation Milestones

Galvashield Through The Years | Innovation Milestones

A Walk Through of Our Innovation Milestones
March 14, 2024

25 Years of Galvashield

A Walk Through
Our Innovation Milestones


Launch of the Galvashield® XP

The Original Galvanic Anode for Reinforced Concrete Repair launched by Fosroc Corrosion Solutions

Original Galvashield XP


Launch of the Galvashield® CC

Introduced for corrosion prevention in sound concrete

Galvashield CC


Vector Brings XP & CC Manufacturing In-House

Vector secures the Galvashield® manufacturing license from Fosroc Corrosion Solutions and opens a manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Canada. 

Original Galvashield Manufacturing Area


Launch of the Galvashield® DAS

Introduced for global protection and higher steel density applications

Early Galvashield DAS Install


Introduction of Galvashield® XP+

With a higher output and longer lasting performance


Launch of the Galvashield® Jacket Systems

To provide global cathodic protection to piles

Galvashield Jacket System Installed at Port Canaveral


Expanded Winnipeg Manufacturing

Moved to a larger dedicated manufacturing location on Otter Street


Introduction of Galvashield® XP2 & XP4 with Bar-Fit™

Galvashield® XP2 & XP4 are introduced for meeting corrosion control protection criteria and greater overall performance. First inclusion of Bar-Fit™ design


Launch of Galvashield® XPT

Thin anode for tight spaces or low cover


R&D Centre in UK Opening

Vector acquires the original Galvashield R&D team and establishes a R&D Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Vector's UK R&D Centre

Launch of the Galvashield® N

Introduced to be installed into new structures to provide corrosion prevention to reinforcing steel


2G Mortar Technology

Invention of Second Generation (2G) technology activating alkaline mortar


Launch of the Galvashield® XP Compact

For lower budget or short-term protection requirement projects

Galvashield XP Compact


Launch of the Galvashield® Tidal Plus

Introduced with bare zinc anodes placed inside a wicking fabric to extend zinc activation for protection above the tidal zone

Galvashield Tidal Plus Anode


Launch of Fusion® Technology

Combining the power of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) with the maintenance-free performance of galvanic anodes

Galvashield Fusion T2

One & Done™ + Chocolate Bar Shape

Galvashield® XP anodes are redesigned to be thinner and use the One & Done™ single stainless-steel wire to make them faster and easier to install


Established Kentucky Manufacturing Plant

Expanded manufacturing to the USA to keep up with increasing demand

Galvashield® X-Series Launch

Introduced to meet performance requirements in extreme environments and high-temperature climates 

Performance Based Specification Design Process Education

Introduction of a new design process that takes into account end of life performance, anode aging terms & environmental temperature.


Launch of the Galvashield® SM-DAS

Introduced to offer a surface mounted application of our DAS technology.

Galvashield SM-DAS


Established Indonesia Manufacturing Plant

Expanded manufacturing to Indonesia to keep up with international demand.

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