Vector Corrosion Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of Galvashield Innovation and Excellence

Vector Corrosion Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of Galvashield Innovation and Excellence

25 Years of Galvashield
February 02, 2024
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Vector Corrosion Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of Galvashield® Innovation and Excellence

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Vector Corrosion Technologies, the leading supplier of corrosion mitigation products and technologies for reinforced concrete, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

From modest beginnings to becoming a Made-in-Manitoba success story with global impact, Vector Corrosion Technologies has played a role in saving structures from Indiana to Indonesia. Today, the company is recognized for its unsurpassed quality, customer service, experience, and deep commitment to integrity.

Galvashield: A Quarter Century of Protecting Infrastructure

This milestone coincides with the 25th anniversary of Vector’s flagship Galvashield® product line. Galvashield XP, the original embedded galvanic anode for concrete, has played an important role in mitigating “halo effect” corrosion that can occur when repairing reinforced concrete structures for over the last two and a half decades.  By preventing corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, Galvashield products ensure the long-term durability of new and existing deteriorated structures.

Noteworthy achievements include:

  • Continuous Innovation: Our Galvashield products have continually evolved, setting industry standards for performance and reliability.
  • Global Impact: Galvashield and other Vector technologies have been integral to numerous award-winning projects worldwide.

As part of our commitment to meeting industry demand, Vector now manufactures Galvashield products in Canada, the United States, and Indonesia.

On behalf of our team, we are proud to celebrate our history of continuous innovation, resulting in market leading performance and reliability.  Our contribution to the sustainable service life extension of infrastructure will continue to motivative us over the next 25 years.” 

                   -David Whitmore President & CIO. 


Looking Forward

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continuing our mission of preserving structures for future generations.  As a team, we remain steadfast in our commitment to drive progress in the industry through innovative methods that enhance the longevity of concrete structures. Our latest achievement, the Galvashield SM-DAS, a surface-mounted anode, has opened up new possibilities for fast, reliable concrete preservation solutions.

For more information about the history of Vector Corrosion Technologies and our award-winning Galvashield projects, visit

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