Introducing the Galvashield SM-DAS

Introducing the Galvashield SM-DAS

October 02, 2023
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Our Proven Galvashield® DAS Technology

Now Surface Mounted!

For over 20 years, our Galvashield® DAS distributed anode systems have been used to protect severely deteriorated concrete structures by being embedded in concrete overlays, encasements and jackets. Now, this technology can be mounted onto the surface of a structure, providing owners another option to cost effectively extend the life of their structures.

How Does It Work?

Galvashield® SM-DAS anodes consist of a heat and UV-resistant PVC tray that contains a high purity zinc core surrounded by alkali-activating mortar. Once installed, the zinc anode corrodes to protect the nearby embedded reinforcing steel.

Proven Technology - New Application

Ideal surface mounted solution for:

• Columns and beams • Parking structures • Concrete tanks • Prestressed concrete • Bridges, piers and wharfs
• Bridge deck soffits • Power and industrial plant rehabilitation • Service life extension in severe service conditions
• Shallow or thin concrete members • Double T beams


Target areas of
high corrosion risk
or protect the entire


20+ years of
performance data and
a typical life expectancy
of 20–40 years.


As little as 1–3
people can do the job
with minimal training
and no specialized


Exterior access for
easy system
replacements and


Built-in wire
management tracks
for clean installation of
system performance
monitoring hardware.

Are you facing a unique corrosion protection challenge on your next concrete project?

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