Old Saybrook Seawall Reconstruction

Old Saybrook Seawall Reconstruction

Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States
Protecting the South Cove from flooding and erosion.
Owner: Connecticut Department of Transportation
Contractor: Brunalli Construction

This 30-foot deep steel piling with a concrete cap protects the homeowners in the coves while also being a walkway providing stunning views of the Connecticut River.

The Problem

We were requested to submit a proposal for a corrosion prevention system for a new reinforced concrete pile cap and steel sheet pile at the Old Saybrook Seawall. The request was made due to severe damage caused by Hurricane Irene as well as the structure's direct exposure to a high chloride environment related to being along a coastline.

Our Solution

After performing an evaluation of the project, it was decided that the best solution was a system utilizing Galvashield N anodes, Galvanode Distributed Anode Systems (DAS) as well as underlying bulk anodes. The bulk anodes were placed below the water line on the piling beneath the sand where the conditions were expected to be the most severe. The seawall was going to be mainly comprised of new materials and therefore created a perfect scenario for Galvashield N anodes to be utilized for the top steel grid with the addition of DAS placed longitudinally along the lower outside edge where the interface of the piling and concrete cap took place.

The Result

To ensure a successful installation and ensure the systems being installed fulfilled their intended life, Brunalli Construction performed the installation after being previously trained in the handling, care, and installation practices necessary for desired performance.

Technology Used

These innovative products and technologies were used on this project. 


1 Technology
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