City of Astoria Waterfront Bridges

City of Astoria Waterfront Bridges

City of Astoria, Oregon, United States
Proactive cathodic protection of new bridge piles and pile caps in a marine environment
Owner: City of Astoria and Oregon Department of Transportation
Consultant: DOWL Engineering
Contractor: Legacy Contracting

The Problem

The City of Astoria removed and replaced six deteriorating timber bridges used to carry the Astoria Waterfront Trolley pedestrians and vehicle traffic to waterfront businesses.  The replacement structures were designed with precast concrete pile caps on steel pile foundations to meet a 75-year design life in a marine environment.

Our Solution

A 75-year cathodic protection design was completed by VCS, a well-known corrosion and concrete durability consultant, involving bulk anode sleds to protect the pipe piling and DAS Type F Anodes installed into the precast concrete pile caps to proactively protect the embedded reinforcing steel.

The Result

Cathodic protection systems were installed prior to casting of the precast concrete caps, which allowed standard precast construction to occur. The installation of Galvashield® DAS anodes in the caps will protect the embedded reinforcing steel and prevent corrosion activity from initiating for the life of the anode system. The bulk anode sleds provide cathodic protection to the length of steel pipe piles in contact with the soil and water to extend their service life.

Technology Used

These innovative products and technologies were used on this project. 


1 Technology
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