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Vector Corrosion Services

Buildings - Concrete Corrosion Repair & Restoration

Norcure Re-alkalization Washington Reagan National Airport Terminal A
Norcure Re-alkalization Washington
Reagan National Airport Terminal A
Building corrosion problems can be caused by cast-in-chlorides, atmospheric chloride exposure or carbonation.   And concrete buildings are not alone; masonry-clad steel framed buildings are affected by corrosion of structural steel elements.  Condominium balcony corrosion is caused by airborne chlorides, too.

Vector Corrosion Technologies offers many solutions for building corrosion such as:

  • Norcure® Re-alkalization provides a long-term corrosion solution to protect buildings suffering from carbonation-induced corrosion.
  • Ebonex® and Vectrode® anodes are used as part of an impressed current cathodic protection system that protects active corrosion in concrete and steel frame masonry buildings.
  • Post-tech® PT Cable Drying cost effectively mitigates corrosion in post-tensioned buildings.
  • Galvashield® XP embedded galvanic anodes have a long history of extending the life of concrete balcony repairs.  
  • Galvashield® CC anodes provide proactive corrosion control for corrosion “hot spots” in columns, beams, balconies and walkways.