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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvashield® XP Products for Concrete Repair

Galvashield XP2 Solid (HD) [NOTEXT].jpg Galvashield XPT Cutaway (HD) [NOTEXT].jpg

On the 20-year anniversary of Galvashield XP, the original embedded galvanic anode for concrete repair, Vector Corrosion Technologies is pleased to announce a redesign of the Galvashield® XP Product Line.

Galvashield-20th-Anniversary.jpgSince 1999, the innovative Galvashield® XP Product Line has been protecting structures around the world. The Type 1A embedded galvanic anodes are used to extend the service life of reinforced concrete structures. When connected to the reinforcing steel in concrete repairs, the alkali-activated zinc anodes mitigate the formation of ring anode corrosion in the surrounding chloride-contaminated concrete. The Galvashield® XP Product Line is also used to prevent the initiation of corrosion in new reinforced concrete structures.

Unique features that are found in the Galvashield® XP Product Line include:

  • Low profile, elongated shape fits neatly alongside the reinforcing steel
  • Contractor-friendly Single wire One-and-Donerebar connection
  • CSP-3 concrete surface profile
  • Barfit™ grooved design

Original Galvashield XP Anode

The original Galvashield® XP, commonly referred to as "the hockey puck," was first available with twin steel connection wires. The re-designed Galvashield® XP Product Line incorporates the contractor-friendly One-and-Done™ single-wire connection for up to 2x times faster installation. Plus, the new low profile, elongated shape allows the embedded anode to fit neatly alongside the reinforcing steel thus reducing the occasional need for additional concrete breakout to accommodate anode placement.

These features mean significantly less labor costs and more efficiency for the contractor’s schedule. The new shape also allows more anodes per box thus reducing shipping costs.

The Galvashield® XP4 and XP2 models have additional benefits, such as the Barfit™ grooved design for secure anode placement and CSP-3 surface profile to promote enhanced mechanical bond with the surrounding repair materials.


  • Patch repairs
  • Bridge widening
  • Joints between new/existing concrete
  • Slab replacement
  • Expansion joint repair
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Post-tensioning anchors
  • Repair of epoxy-coated rebar

Type 1 Anodes for Concrete Repair

  Type A
Alkali Activated
Type H
Halide Salt Activated
Class P
Corrosion Prevention
Galvashield XP (60g)
Galvashield XPT (60g)
Galvanode VP Range
Class C
Corrosion Control
Galvashield XP2 (100g)
Galvashield XP4 (160g)
Galvanode VP Range

LinkedIn_logo_initials.png Galvashield® XP Product Showcase on LinkedIn

Product Information

Guide Specs (NEW!) April 2019

Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Galvashield® XP Products for Concrete Repair on YouTube

Galvashield® XP Product Line
New Packaging & Installation Demonstration

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