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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvashield® XP Products for Concrete Repair

Galvashield® XP is the original embedded galvanic anode for concrete repairs. For over 15 years, the Galvshield range has been protecting structures around the world. The anode units are alkali-activated with an internal pH of 14 or greater to keep the zinc active over the life of the anode and are non-corrosive to reinforcing steel. Once installed, the zinc anode corrodes preferentially to the adjacent reinforcing steel to provide galvanic corrosion prevention or corrosion control.

Galvashield XP anodes are classified as Type 1 Anodes – embedded in concrete repairs. Galvashield anodes improve the durability of concrete repairs by providing targeted protection where it is needed the most, at the interface between new and old concrete.


  • Patch repairs
  • Bridge widening
  • Joints between new/existing concrete
  • Slab replacement
  • Expansion joint repair
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Post-tensioning anchors
  • Repair of epoxy-coated rebar

Type 1 Anodes for Concrete Repair

  Type A
Alkali Activated
Type H
Halide Salt Activated
Class P
Corrosion Prevention
Galvashield XP (60g)
Galvashield XPT (60g)
Galvanode VP Range
Class C
Corrosion Control
Galvashield XP2 (100g)
Galvashield XP4 (160g)
Galvanode VP Range

Galvashield® XP Products for Concrete Repair on YouTube

Galvashield XP Compact:
Single Wire One & Done Connection

Galvashield® XP4
Embedded Galvanic Anode Installation
Galvashield® XP
Embedded Galvanic Anode Installation

Galvashield XP2 Galvanic Anode
for Concrete Repair Installation
Galvashield XPT Galvanic Anode
for Concrete Repair Installation
How To Tie a Galvashield XP2 Anode

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