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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvashield® Fusion™ T2 Anode for Concrete

Fusion T2 Anode LogoFusion Technology, the next generation of cathodic protection for reinforced concrete, combines the power of impressed current cathodic protection with the maintenance-free performance of galvanic anodes.

The Galvashield Fusion T2 hybrid anode attacks the root cause of corrosion with a powerful dose of electrochemical treatment.

Galvashield Fusion provides two-stage protection within a single embedded anode unit.

  • Stage 1 ‐ an intense burst of self-generated electrical current strikes the reinforcing steel and passivates rebar corrosion
  • Stage 2 ‐ after the impressed current phase, galvanic anodes shield the structure from future corrosion damage
  • The novel approach naturally switches from Stage 1 to Stage 2 without external monitoring or human intervention

Galvashield Fusion T2 anodes are Type 2 anodes installed into holes drilled into sound concrete to protect actively corroding reinforcing steel in corrosive conditions for up to 30+ years.

Galvashield Fusion is the ideal solution for long term, low maintenance preservation of structures suffering from corrosion-induced concrete damage such as:

  • Bridge rehabilitation and preservation
  • Parking structure restoration
  • Condominium balcony repair
  • Residential and commercial building rehabilitation in a coastal environment
  • Industrial concrete maintenance and repair
  • Repair of corroding piers and wharfs in a saltwater marine environment

Fusion Technology Benefits

  • Preserves structures
  • Shortens the construction schedule because less anodes are required compared to traditional galvanic anodes
  • Eliminates monitoring and maintenance requirements as there are no external electrical components
  • Engineers can economically protect the entire structure or selectively target corrosion "hotspots" based on project requirements