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Vector Corrosion Services

Post-Tensioned Concrete Corrosion & Repair

Eruption of PT Tendons
caused by Corrosion Failure
Early commercially available unbonded post-tensioning systems were susceptible to corrosion including paper wrapped, plastic push-through (stuffed) and heat-sealed (cigarette wrapped) sheathing systems due to their susceptibility to the ingress of water. Grouted post-tension systems have also experienced problems due to water bleeding, insufficient and inadequate grouting.

With significant expertise in investigation, repair and protection of post-tensioned concrete, Vector delivers practical and long-lasting solutions for post-tensioned structures.

Highly stressed post-tensioned steel presents unique risks for injury and property damage due to its stored energy that can release if not handled with care. We have developed specialized equipment and implemented post-tension specific training for all employees involved in the investigation and repair of post-tensioned structures.

Vector offers unique solutions to investigate and mitigate corrosion problems in post-tension structures.


Post-Tech® PTI Impregnation
Post-Tech® PT Corrosion Evaluation
Post-Tech® PT Cable Drying
Post-Tech® Acoustic Monitoring