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Vector Corrosion Services

Post-Tech® Acoustic Monitoring

Acoustic monitoring, also referred to as acoustic emissions or acoustic emission testing, is used to assess the condition of post-tensioned structures and improve their reliability and safety.  Post-Tech Acoustic Monitoring (AM) is used to detect and locate corrosion-induced failures of post-tension tendons and prestressed concrete elements in buildings, parking structures and bridges.  

The process involves installation of appropriate sensors distributed about a structure, continuous data collection and analysis using proprietary software to determine the location and frequency of wire breaks and cracks in the structure.  Acoustic monitoring can be supplemented with structural and corrosion monitoring to provide a more complete picture of the condition and rate of deterioration of the overall structure.  Post-Tech Acoustic Monitoring is a useful tool to help develop rehabilitation and corrosion mitigation strategies that preserve and extend the service life of pre-stressed/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures.

Post-Tech Acoustic Monitoring  Post-Tech Acoustic Monitoring