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Vector Corrosion Services

Parking Structures - Concrete corrosion Repair

Galvashield XP4 Lucy Tower
Multi-Story Car Park

Whether you call them parking garages, parking ramps, parkades or multi-story car parks, the problems are the same.  Salt-contaminated snow melt leads to cracked and broken concrete.  Unchecked corrosion activity can cause spalled concrete to dislodge from the ceiling of parking garages and major structural damage.

Costly concrete rehabilitation projects are disruptive to patrons and a source of lost revenue. Investing in corrosion mitigation solutions that extend the life of parking structures makes good cents.

Vector Corrosion Technologies offers many solutions for parking structures corrosion such as:

  • Galvashield® XP anodes extend the life of concrete repairs and protect around the perimeter of slab replacements.
  • Galvashield® CC anodes are a proactive solution for corrosion “hot spots” in columns, beams, decks and post-tensioned anchorages.
  • In some cases, it is justified to employ an impressed current cathodic protection that is delivered with Ebonex® or Vectrode® anodes.
  • An economical and low maintenance approach for galvanic protection is Galvanode® ASZ+ humectant activated zinc metalizing and Galvanode® ZincSheet.
  • Post-tech® PT Cable Drying cost effectively mitigates corrosion in post-tensioned parking structures.

NEW! Parking Garage & Building Preservation Brochure

BRO-VCT-105W - Parking Garage & Building Restoration - Rev03 Form C (2019-01-21) [WEB].jpg