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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvashield® Jacket System

Concrete and steel piles in the marine environment are subject to serious corrosion deterioration.  For marine pile protection, Vector offers the Galvashield Jacket System to provide galvanic cathodic protection for prestressed concrete, conventionally reinforced concrete and steel piles and columns.

The Galvashield Jacket system is a reliable technology to protect corroding columns and piles.  An FRP or modular PVC jacket and galvanic anodes are placed around the structure to create a protective galvanic encasement, also known as an integral pile jacket. Unlike traditional concrete jackets, epoxy grouted jackets, petrolatum and wax tapes, and fiberglass wraps, Galvashield Jackets provide on-going galvanic current to address active corrosion.

Galvashield Jackets are available in a range of models and options to suit most any application and can provide an estimated 20 to 50+ year service life.  Galvanic jackets for tidal zone protection are typically provided with optional bulk anodes for protection of submerged pile sections.


  • Structures subject to chloride contamination
  • Prestressed concrete piling
  • Steel H piles
  • Bridge columns
  • Chemical exposure

Galvashield Tidal Jackets

Utilizes high purity bare zinc anodes - appropriate for tidal zone protection in seawater.

Galvashield Tidal Plus Jackets

Contain bare zinc anodes with wicking fabric to extend the level of protection above the tidal zone.  Utilizes FRP or Modular PVC stay-in-place formwork.

Galvashield DAS Jackets

Incorporates alalki-activated distributed anodes that allow galvanic jackets to function in all exposure conditions including seawater, brackish water, freshwater and dry land (non-marine).  Utilizes FRP, Modular PVC stay-in-place forms or removable formwork.

Galvashield Jacket Models vs. Exposure Condition

exposure table

Galvashield Jacket System Options