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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvanode® VP - Concrete Repair & Corrosion Protection

Galvanode® VP is a halide activated (Type H) embedded galvanic anode that is embedded in concrete repairs (Type 1).   Once installed, the zinc anode core corrodes preferentially to the surrounding steel, thereby mitigating corrosion adjacent to concrete repairs.

In order to reduce the risk of future steel corrosion from the halide-activator, the anode utilizes an innovative BarFit™ Plastic Spacer to keep the anode a distance away from the reinforcing steel.  


  • Mitigates incipient anode formation (halo effect) in patch repair
  • Bridge widening and other structure modifications
  • Slab replacements, expansion joint repairs and other interfaces between new and existing concrete
  • Repair of epoxy-coated rebar

Type 1 Anodes for Concrete Repair

  Type A
Alkali Activated
Type H
Halide Salt Activated
Class P
Corrosion Prevention
Galvashield XP (60g)
Galvashield XPT (60g)
Galvanode VP Range
Class C
Corrosion Control
Galvashield XP2 (100g)
Galvashield XP4 (160g)
Galvanode VP Range