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Vector Corrosion Services

Fusion Technology: A New Approach to Controlling Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete

Fusion T2 Anode LogoGalvanic cathodic protection, impressed current cathodic protection, electrochemical treatments like desalination and realkalisation - the cathodic protection industry is ripe with innovative solutions.

Now, Fusion Technology is the next cathodic protection system bringing together the best attributes of existing electrochemical corrosion protection technologies into a new, advanced approach for extending the life of rreinforced concrete structures.

Fusion Technology begins with power of impressed current cathodic protection to electrochemically passivate active corrosion then automatically switches to the maintenance-free performance of galvanic anodes. All this is a single anode unit.

phase one
A high but short term electrochemical treatment to effectively mitigate corrosion and re-passivate steel. The aim of Phase 1 is to stop corrosion and reinstate the alkaline environment around the steel.
phase two
Once Phase 1 is complete the units automatically switch to a corrosion prevention system, where the galvanic current maintains steel passivity for the life of the system.
Dual Process Fusion Techology