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Vector Corrosion Services

Corrosion Protection for Steel Structures

Vector Corrosion Technologies is proud to offer Termarust HRCSA (high ratio co-polymerized calcium sulfonate) unique rust mitigation system for steel structures.  

What is Termarust?

Termarust is an anti-corrosion solution to address crevice corrosion and pack-rust where traditional steel coatings fall short. Traditional steel protection utilizes three-coat systems typically consisting of a zinc-rich primer, an intermediate coat, and a topcoat that are combinations of epoxy and urethanes. The primary weakness of these systems is crevice where the coating cannot be efficiently applied. Within the crevice’s moisture lurks leading to concentrated corrosion and the development of pack rust. This is initially evidenced by rust staining in riveted connections and other location where sections of steel overlap and can lead to deformed steel, a particular concern for fracture critical members and fracture critical bridges.

This limitation is addressed with Termarust’s unique High Ratio Co-Polymerized Calcium Sulfonate (HRCSA) formulations. The system starts with a unique HRCSA oxygen-cured penetrant that seep deep into the crevices, displaces moisture, consumes oxygen and mitigates active corroison. Then the HRSCA topcoat is places over the connection and the rest of the structure. Termarust HRCSA allows tremendous flexibility in surface profile and preparation. It is ideal for the reclamation and long term protection of bridges, steel structures, highway overpasses, pipelines, industrial infrastructure and more.

Termarust is Great for your Budget!

  • Total corrosion solution for crevice corrosion, pack rust and exposed steel surfaces
  • Long lasting - over 25 years of demonstrated performance
  • Fast and simple one coat system – the HRSCA topcoat is applied over wet penetrant after crevice treatment
  • Treat crevices with penetrant and zone paint (spot repair) for targeted protection or protect the entire structure
  • High-pressure hot water cleaning is used to remove poorly bonded coatings, corrosion and salts with chloride removal additive
  • Eliminates sandblasting and significantly reduces containment, waste generation and disposal costs
  • Overcoats and encapsulates of soundly bonded lead paint
  • Fast installation significantly reduces labor, access costs and limits lane closures and traffic delays

Termarust is Great for the Environment!

  • HHRCSA materials are VOC compliant
  • Contains no hazardous heavy metals and is non-conductive
  • Low aquatic toxicity compared to epoxy and urethane materials.
  • During application, no catalyzers used, such as no equipment flushing with hazardous solvents required
  • During overcoating, removal of lead paint is not necessary therefore no requirements or need for negative air containments and no spent sand-blast contaminated medias are produced for disposal

Click here to download our Termarust Brochure

Click here to download TR2100-HRCSA Primer Topcoat Data Sheet

Click here to download TR2200-HRCSA Penetrant and Sealer Data Sheet

Check out the Introduction Video to the HRCSA Corrosion Mitigation System

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For all original technical and safety data sheets, please refer to for more information. This includes FAQ, misapplied installs, case studies and more. 

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