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Vector Corrosion Services

Bridges - concrete Repair & Concrete Preservation

It has been well documented that a significant portion of bridges are in need of rehabilitation.  Many of these structures suffer from the effects of concrete corrosion from exposure to saltwater or de-icing salts.

Caption:  Galvanode ASZ+ Garden City Skyway Substructure
Galvanode ASZ+ Garden City
Skyway Substructure

Vector Corrosion Technologies offers many solutions for bridge corrosion such as:

  • Galvashield® XP embedded galvanic anodes are used to extend the life of patch repairs, expansion joint repairs, and joints created during bridge widening.
  • Galvashield CC anodes are used to provide proactive targeted corrosion control to pier caps, columns and precast/prestressed beam ends under expansion joints.
  • Galvanode® DAS distributed anode system provides galvanic protection to bridge decks and bridge columns that are to be overlaid or jacketed with new concrete.
  • Galvanode® ASZ+ humectant activated zinc metalizing galvanically protects bridge substructures.
  • Galvanode® Jackets provide one-step repair and protection of marine piles and bridge columns.  
  • Norcure® Chloride Extraction addresses the root cause of corrosion by reducing chloride levels and leaving the structure in a long-term passive condition.
  • Post-tech® PTI Impregnation System is used to mitigate corrosion in grouted post-tension tendons.