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Why is Bridge Concrete Preservation Important?

April 8th, 2020 in Cathodic Protection    

bridge concrete maintenance services

Concrete is one of the most abundant materials used in the construction of anything from buildings, to bridges, to furniture. It is strong, durable, and with proper care can last decades or even longer. Concrete structures, especially bridges, need to maintain a certain degree of integrity, especially when the safety of the users is at risk. Bridges are constantly under stress from use, and when problems arise, bridge concrete repair may be necessary to preserve the structure.

Bridge Concrete Maintenance

Regular scheduled bridge maintenance is required to keep a concrete bridge operating at optimal standards. Basic bridge concrete maintenance includes sealing concrete bridge deck cracks, filling potholes, maintaining a smooth and safe wearing surface, and keeping concrete patch finish tined or broomed. Regular and scheduled assessment should be conducted by a concrete preservation specialist to ensure all problems are found and assessed. A specialist will be able to do a visual inspection of any problems, a non-destructive test such as ultrasonic scans, or even destructive tests such as Petrography. They will also monitor the structure to provide a complete and detailed picture.

Repairing Bridge Concrete

Once a concrete preservation specialist has determined the problem, criteria will be established to determine the best strategy for the bridge concrete repair. Because of the nature of bridges, and the high need for proper functioning to ensure safe use, a thorough plan will need to be established. For concrete with surface or minor cracks, epoxy filler can be used to seal these. More extensive structural cracks, such as “spider web” or “alligator” cracks, may require replacement of the entire deck with new concrete, as repair may be too timely or expensive.

Regular bridge inspection and concrete preservation can help to catch problems before them become too serious, and ensure the bridge reaches its expected life span. A concrete preservation specialist from Vector Corrosion will be able to assess the bridge, make and carry out a repair plan if required, and protect it from future problems, on a regular and scheduled basis.