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Vector Corrosion Services

Vector Corrosion Blog


Portsmouth Memorial Bridge

March 7th, 2020    

Corrosion Evaluation and Cathodic Protection Design for Concrete Piles in a Marine Environment

portsmouth cathodic protection projectAs part of an existing bridge renovation, steel threadbar micro-piles were used to pin the existing approximately 100 year old concrete piers to bedrock below the river channel.  During the micro-pile installation, a concern arose that cracks, voids, or damage to the existing piers may have exposed the micro-pile steel casings directly to seawater.

Vector Corrosion Services was contracted to perform corrosion testing on the piers to determine the suitability of cathodic protection and to develop a system sufficient for a 25 year anode design life.  Onsite testing was performed to confirm that corrosion was a concern and this information was used to design the customized galvanic protection system utilizing bulk aluminum anodes placed around the piers.

cathodic protection bridge renovationsVector’s scope of work included the following

  • On site corrosion investigation and recommendations
  • Cathodic protection design
  • System commissioning and report

$50,000, Construction Costs:  n/a

Owner:  New Hampshire DOT
Client:   Archer Western Contractors
45 Shawmut Road
 Canton, MA 02021
 Mr. Tom Hale, 207-439-8396