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How Does a Zinc Anode Prevent Corrosion?

March 7th, 2020 in Cathodic Protection    

cathodic prevention technologies concrete structures

Corrosion is a process in which a material is gradually broken down and returned to its natural state. Corrosion happens as a result of coming into contact with electrolytes, such as those found in water or even air. While corrosion is natural, it can cause major structural issues when it takes place on the reinforcing steel of concrete structures. With this in mind, it is important to guard against corrosion to ensure continued integrity of the concrete structure. One excellent and reliable method of structural concrete preservation is through the use of a sacrificial zinc anode.

Cathodic Prevention Technologies

An sacrificial anode is a material that is negatively charged, and has potential for the electrons to want to leave it, thus slowly corroding in place of a less active and less negatively charged material, such as steel.

With this in mind, a material such as zinc makes an excellent sacrificial anode, as it is a highly active metal that is able to be sacrificed. The zinc will be consumed in place of the metal that it is protecting - hence the term “sacrificial”.

The sacrificial anodes are often drilled into small holes in a concrete structure. This allows them to be adjacent to the structural steel in which they are protecting. The anodes are available in many different, and custom sizes, to fit any structural needs.

This system is ideal for structures such as:

-        Balconies

-        Bridge Decks

-        Parking Garages

-        Piers and Wharfs

-        And many other steel-reinforced concrete structures


If you have a concrete structure, make sure you protect it from future corrosion by investing in Cathodic protection technologies with Vector Corrosion.